Lessons Your Kids Won’t Learn At School

There are many things that parents have the opportunity to teach their kids. It might be the basics of how to tell time or something simple like how to hoover up properly – the kind of things that most of us can’t even remember never knowing! It’s an interesting process to strip back to childhood and try to find ways to channel the things we feel we just inherently know, now we have to explain them to our kids. While the life lessons you impart to your kids never really have an end, there are a few areas that it’s… [Read More]

Stand Up for Girls: The Good Childhood Report

I’m a mum to twin girls who are five years old. Their happiness and wellbeing is of the utmost importance to me, so when I recently read the findings of The Good Childhood Report which has been carried out by The Children’s Society I was both concerned and saddened. More than a quarter of a million girls aged 10-15 across the country are not happy with their lives overall; one in seven of all girls in that age group. Whilst boys’ wellbeing is staying the same, girls is getting worse. Does this statistic surprise me? If I’m being totally honest,… [Read More]

The Pressure of Growing Up Today

When I was growing up, I spent most of my free time outdoors with my friends. We’d go to the park, walk in the river, sit outside the shops eating ice lollies on hot days and go to the woods to climb trees and build dens. Technology wasn’t really around. We had a desktop computer that my sister and I would use to play rollercoaster tycoon now and again, but aside from that we didn’t use our phones for anything other than making phone calls. I don’t think I got my first mobile phone until I was around 11 years… [Read More]

Why I will be taking my children on holiday during term time

There’s been a lot of debate recently about taking children out of school during term time to go on holiday. Up until a few weeks ago, it wasn’t really something that crossed my mind. However when I started pricing up our annual holiday, I was genuinely shocked to see how much more expensive holidays were during half term. As this is the first year that our children are in full time school, it’s never been an issue before, but now that it is, I’ve found myself on the side of those who want to be able to take their children… [Read More]

Wearing the wrong school uniform can ruin your education!

Who would have thought that wearing the wrong school uniform can actually ruin your education? This isn’t something I was aware of until I read this article about how an 11 year old boy was sent out of his lesson after a teacher spotted that the boy had reflective strips on the back of his footwear. Apparently the reflective strips on the boys shoes interfere with his brain resulting in an inability to concentrate and learn. It also means that the boy is unable to function correctly. Who knew? Have you detected my sarcasm yet? After reading this article online,… [Read More]

Number Recognition Games for Kids

Two weeks ago, Nige and I went to the girls school for parents evening. It was great to hear all about how the girls are doing.  They struggled to settle in at first, but they seem to be doing well now, which is great news. One of the teachers mentioned that we could work together with the girls on their number recognition. Both girls are really good at counting. In fact they can both count up to 30, but at times they can muddle up their numbers when they look at them written down. As such, I’ve been working with… [Read More]

How To Study And Raise Twins At The Same Time

Woman studying

Tips on studying and raising children simultaneously  So, you’ve got twins! Raising two children is undoubtedly a rewarding experience, but doing so at the same time certainly brings its challenges. One aspect of life that you may have assumed was out of the question, now that you’re a parent of multiples, is that of going to university. Traditionally, higher education is not particularly family-friendly, with compulsory lectures and seminars at set times, and although some institutions do offer crèche facilities, these have limited hours and can be expensive, adding to the cost of university fees. Furthermore, lecturers, support staff and… [Read More]

Sex education in schools

Last week I watched a programme on Channel 4 called ‘Sex in Class’. The aim of the show was to fix Britain’s blushing attitude toward sex education.  When I was in school I vaguely remember being shown a video, some pretty horrific photos of people with sexually transmitted infections and being given a diagram of a woman’s uterus and being asked to label where everything goes.  Was the sex education good? No. I’ll just give you a brief outline of what ‘Sex in Class’ was about.  Goedele Liekens, a United Nations goodwill ambassador for sexual health, spent two weeks at… [Read More]

What are your online New Year’s resolutions for 2015?

We all know the common New Year’s resolutions when it comes to your day to day life, but what about your resolutions for your internet habits? Making a few simple resolutions about your online habits is a great way of improving your lifestyle, and more and more people are focusing on the tech side of their life when they consider their goals this year. So, without further ado, here are some of the top ideas for online resolutions that you might have made yourself, along with a few ideas for how to stick to them.  Spend less time using social… [Read More]

Bigjigs Musical Review – Mission Three!

Agents Double Team are back for their third mission and they’re both raring to go! This mission sees us make a lot of noise and have lots of musical fun! We were sent two Snazzy Maracas, one Snazzy Bell Stick and one Snazzy Xylophone from Bigjigs. Mission Three was simply to play with the toys and then report back with our feedback.  It’s fair to say that both Agents R and M follow their daddy with their love for music. Daddy is always playing music and dancing along to it. He knows all the top chart songs and downloads them all! First… [Read More]