Have you lost weight? A compliment or a hurtful comment?

Have you lost weight? Wow, you’ve lost so much weight! You’re doing so well on your diet! Have you seen the twins mum? She’s lost loads of weight! I’m sure one biscuit won’t hurt! (Said in a sarcastic tone) These are just some of the things that people have said to me over the last few weeks, and I’m feeling a tad conflicted by it all. On one hand I wanted people to notice that I’d lost weight. I guess in a way I wanted to hear people telling me how well I’ve done and how much weight I’ve lost,… [Read More]

How To Find Out If Your Diet Is Making You Ill

We are what we eat. It is an old saying but a very true one. If you have a niggling health problem that just won’t go away it may be down to what you are eating. Diets are not only about losing weight. They are about ensuring that your body gets essential nutrients in the right quantities at the right time and this varies throughout your life. Our bodies rely on what we put into them. If you are not giving your body what it needs, or are giving it something that it does not like, it will react and… [Read More]

SlimFast Stars with Alexandra Burke

It’s not every day that I wake up to an email inviting me to lunch with a celebrity, but that’s exactly what happened a few weeks ago. I was invited to join SlimFast and their ambassador, Alexandra Burke for a healthy lunch to find out more about some of their new products. I’m currently trying to lose weight. Something that I feel like I’ve been trying to do for years now with varied success. One month I’ll stick to plan and the next it’ll go out of the window. With SlimFast though, it’s different. I have tried SlimFast before so… [Read More]

The Link Between Poor Diet and Autism

Children on the autism spectrum have long been associated with dietary and behavioural difficulties, with these issues often presenting hand in hand. There’s a strong link between children on the autism spectrum experiencing gastrointestinal problems early in life which carry over into GI problems in adulthood. One segment of the problem is the relationship between children on the autism spectrum and behaviour problems around the actual consumption of food. Parents of children with autism can often struggle to ensure children eat a varied and healthy diet, with behavioural and sensory issues often causing an impasse with certain foods, leading to a more limited diet… [Read More]

Confident You: Diet & Fitness Feature

Being a mum is without a doubt one of the most wonderful, yet stressful jobs in the world. We all want the best for our children, but sometimes we’ll take the easy option and give them something that makes them happy and settled such as a dummy or some chocolate instead of persevering with other options. It’s important to give your children and yourself the best diet and active lifestyle that you can. Mamas & Papas recently spoke to 2,000 new and experienced mums to find out how parenting has impacted their diet and fitness. Did you know that 69%… [Read More]

Diet Chef Review: Week 4

It’s my last week of Diet Chef. In my last update I expressed that I felt a little bored with the options I had chosen for my evening meals. This hasn’t changed, but I think if I were to continue or if I were to pay for Diet Chef myself I would definitely spend a little more time choosing my meals and ensuring that I had enough variety. In total I’ve lost 8lbs in 4 weeks, which when you think about is pretty good. That’s just over half a stone. I haven’t lost any weight since last week, which again is a… [Read More]

Diet Chef Review. Week 3 Results

This is going to be a fairly short post in comparison to my previous (which you can read here and here). I’ve been full of a cold all week and after a visit to the doctors on Monday I’ve since discovered that I have a chest infection. This means that I have been antibiotics and have been generally feeling quite pants! All illnesses aside though and this weeks weigh in has revealed that I haven’t lost any weight so I am still at 10st6. That’s great as it means I  haven’t gained weight, but I would have liked to have… [Read More]

Diet Chef. Week 2 Results

After last weeks amazing 7lb loss I wondered whether I would see any weight loss this week. I’ve decided not to tell you what I’ve been eating every day because a lot of the food is pretty much the same as last week, but anything I haven’t written about before I will share with you. Following on from last weeks post a few people left some comments asking what to do about eating out and that they thought Diet Chef was expensive. With regard to eating out Diet Chef advise to just eat normally. Obviously I would take this to… [Read More]

How to Eat Your way to a Better Night’s Sleep

Sleep is when your body repairs itself. From your muscles to your brain, you need those hours of unconsciousness to reset, reboot and recover from everything you’ve done each day. So why then is it sometimes so hard for your body to let you fall asleep? It seems strange that your body should fight you when it comes to something so important. But consider this: the decision making part of your brain is still fairly primitive and doesn’t naturally make the connection between what you put into your body and the effect it will have on it (e.g. drugs, pen… [Read More]

Diet Chef Review: Week 1 Results!

2014 started off well for me. I felt motivated about losing weight and I’d planned ahead about how I was going to achieve my target of losing 1½ to 2 stone. At 5”5 and 11stone, my BMI was 26 which is classed as overweight. Not massively overweight, but just on end of the healthy weight scale and the very beginning of the overweight scale. I’d received a new 2-in-1 cross trainer and exercise bike, as well as some dumbbells, and I’d bought myself a kettle bell too. I found an online weight loss programme that suited me and my needs… [Read More]