The Reality of Having Premature Twins: My Story for World Prematurity Day

Today is World Prematurity Day. A global movement to raise awareness of premature birth and the devastating impact it can have on families. I previously worked with Pampers when they first launched their nappies for premature babies. Read about this here. I’m pleased to be working with Pampers again to highlight World Prematurity Day. Did you know that approximately 60,000 babies are born prematurely in the UK every year? That’s roughly 1 in 11 of all births. With so many babies being born too soon, it’s reassuring to know that the survival rate of premature babies in the UK is… [Read More]

Bush Baby World Sleep Pod with Bush Baby Review

Today is World Dream Day and to celebrate I wanted to share this super cute Sleepy Pod and Bush Baby with you. I can see lots of children adding these to their Christmas wish lists for Santa. There are lots to collect, plus you can even buy a dream tree which lets you hang all of your sleepy pods up for your bush baby to sleep in. The sleepy pod is a little nest where the Bush Babies can snuggle up after a long day of adventures satisfied to know that our dreams are filled with wonder. The Bush Baby we… [Read More]

5 Ways to Make your Home Child-Friendly

As you enter and prepare for parenthood, you suddenly become aware of all of the little dangers dotted around your home. From the moment the positive test result comes back, your life has changed forever. You are going to be a mummy and daddy, and you only have a few months to prepare yourself for the introduction of a baby. One question that many new expecting parents ask themselves is, is their home ready for a baby? How many hazards can you spot in any room? There are just some things you never really notice unless you are a parent… [Read More]

Introducing Dreamstar Bush Baby World

When you were growing up did you have that one favourite toy that you’d take everywhere with you? I did and I think I drove my parents crazy over my insistence that this toy come everywhere with me, and I mean everywhere! Well, today I’d like to introduce you to Dreamstar Bush Babies. I think these are going to be your child’s new favourite toy! In the video below you’ll be introduced to Princess Melina who is Princess of Bush Baby World! Bush Baby world is made of six regions where different groups of Bush Babies live. The six regions… [Read More]

Baby-Proofing Your Home: Household Dangers That Could Harm Your Child, And What To Do About Them

Flickr Moving into a new place can be stressful, especially when you have a newly-arrived little one’s needs to consider. Crafting a new life in a new area might have been precipitated by the baby’s arrival. It’s up to you to ensure that every need of your new family is taken into account. No matter who you are, or how healthy your family lifestyle, there will always be an area of improvement in any home you live in to improve the safety, health and long-term stability of your family unit. Going over this family-friendly checklist for your new home will… [Read More]

The impact of having premature twins and how pampers are helping #ad

Pampers Preemie Nappy

I’ve always known that I wanted to be a mum. When I was little I used to collect baby dolls and pretend that they were real. I’d put nappies on them, dress them up for the day and then change them into their pyjamas at night time. Most of them would ‘sleep’ at the foot of my bed, but I’d always make sure I cuddled one at night time. When I thought about being a mummy, I imagined pushing them in the swing at the park, giving them lots of cuddles and singing songs to them. As I grew older and… [Read More]

The Pros and Cons of Toddler Groups

Kids playing in woods

Shortly after bringing our girls home from hospital after their extended stay due to being born early, I started to look into local baby and toddler groups. There seemed to be quite a few of them around, but it would be another 7 months before I managed to pluck up the courage to actually go to one. I was nervous about being on my own with our twins in a room surrounded by other mums and their children. I thought up all sorts of things to worry about. What if no-one talks to me? What if no-one likes me? What… [Read More]

A love letter to the ones who made our IVF dreams come true

Premature baby feet

Dear L, A and everyone else at the clinic where we had our IVF, From the very first day my husband and I met you all at your open evening, I think it’s fair to say that we knew we would be in a relationship with you that will truly last a lifetime. Although we haven’t seen one another for quite some time, there’s not a day that goes by without us thinking of you all. You see, you made our dream come true. Our dream to have children together, and you didn’t just make it happen once. You blessed us with twins,… [Read More]

Hacks For Helping Your Little Ones Sleep Easier

Sleeping child

Every living creature needs to sleep; that’s a fact of life. When children are first born, it takes a time to get them into a sleep schedule. It can take babies time to understand that when it’s light we stay awake and when it’s dark we go to sleep. Sleep is vital for babies as it’s when they are sleeping that their brain develops, and the same goes for children, as if they don’t get enough sleep, it impacts their mental and physical development. That’s why, it’s so important that you ensure your little ones are getting the 10 to… [Read More]

Bo Baby Blanket Review by Kiki Moon

Kiki Moon Blanket

Today I want to introduce you to Kiki Moon. Kiki Moon is an online store that sells a range of beautiful baby blankets. Keelin, founder and chief product designer at Kiki Moon is a mum to two children. She started Kiki Moon almost four years ago in a bid to find the perfect blanket to wrap her baby in. Keelin says that she loves strong colours and bold beautiful patterns. This is something that definitely comes across in her range of beautiful blankets. Keelin’s vision was that the blankets had to be soft and safe next to baby’s skin. She… [Read More]