A Mumma’s Guide Getting The Kids To Spend More Time Outside 

As a mum, you want what’s best for your kids, which is why you worry about them not spending enough time outside. Do they lack vitamin D? Are they getting enough exercise? Are they addicted to technology? These are all worries that a lot of mums have, so if you’re worrying about these things or anything else to do with your kids spending time outside, don’t worry because you are not alone – we all worry about our kids. Of course, in days gone by – like when we were kids – children spent a lot of time outdoors. We… [Read More]

Join the NSPCC and take on Messathon: the messtastic obstacle course! (Discount code included)

I love a good run and it’s something I try to encourage my children to do too. They’ve already watched me run a few races and we’ve even been on a few runs together around our local area. They even took part in a family fun 1k run a short while ago. I think it’s so important to encourage children to get active and that’s why I wanted to share with you the NSPCC’s Messathon! As per the title of this post, it’s a messtastic obstacle course! There are three dates set across Surrey, Bristol and Aldenham. Families with children… [Read More]

Mila & Pheebs Spring Box Review

My girls and I absolutely love craft activities. It can be something as simple as colouring in or making something out of card boxes and tissue paper! There’s something quite therapeutic about sitting down and spending a few hours getting creative. Our girls were recently sent a box full of crafty goodness from Mila & Pheebs to review. The box was addressed to our girls which they loved! There’s something magical to them about having post delivered with their names on it! The team at Mila & Pheebs are obsessed with all things stationary! From sparkly pens, new shiny paperclips,… [Read More]

10 Garden Activities with Chalk

Chalk is a wonderful thing. You can use it to draw on boards, floors and even paper. You can use it to practise letter writing, drawing pictures or to play games. I recently picked up a pack of outdoor chalk from ASDA for our twin girls and I was pretty amazed at just how many different games and activities we managed to do with the chalks. I thought I’d share them with you! They’re perfect for a warm summers day in the garden. Hop Scotch I know, I know, Hop Scotch in the picture is below has been drawn wrong!… [Read More]

Making Crafty Pictures

Last week was a pretty busy week. I felt like all I’d done was drag the girls around various shops and play groups! On Wednesday morning I took them out on their scooters for a walk, but neither of them were very interested and just wanted to go home. After about 10 minutes I caved in and took them back home where they sat in front of the TV watching a DVD. It was actually quite nice to just sit down and relax with them both, but I always feel like I should be doing something with them! Wednesday afternoon… [Read More]

5 Weekend Activities to Keep the Kids Entertained

Knowing how to keep children entertained at weekends and during the holidays can be a tricky task for many parents, especially when many kids are bored staying at home. According to the Daily Mail, a recent poll revealed that grumpy children say ‘I’m bored’ more than 200 times over the summer holidays. If you’re running out of ways to entertain your children over the weekend or during the holidays, below are some simple ways to keep them busy. Get crafty with card Children love a craft project, especially if they know it’s going to be seen by a lot of… [Read More]

Parents Half Term Survival Guide

With half time looming it’s a time when many parents start to wonder how they can keep their children entertained. With play groups closed for the week and many soft-play centers hiking their prices up for half-term Attraction Tix have put together this handy guide of things to do with kids in the school holidays. Why not pop over and take a look? What do you have planned this half term?

To entertain or not to entertain? That is the question!

Over the past two and half years I’ve found lots of different ways to entertain my children. When they were babies simple things such as talking and singing to them worked, as well as pulling silly faces and making funny noises. Like most parents we also invested in a cot mobile – which we never used – along with a variety of toys that made sounds or had flashing lights on! Now that our children are almost three, I’ve been looking at the ways in which I keep my children entertained and I’ve been questioning it. That’s not a bad… [Read More]

7 Simple but Great Animal Crafts

Winter is a time for fun crafts with the kids. Animal crafts allow your children to engage with nature, learn about the outdoors but all the while keeping warm and getting creative around the kitchen table. Here are a few ideas for animals crafts for a variety of skill levels and age groups. Many of these are made using household items and old packaging. For any extra materials such as paints and glue, go to Artifolk who stock a great range of art materials. Owl Collage Tearing up a bunch of tissue paper in different shades of brown and sticking… [Read More]

A Crafty Halloween

This year will be the first time that we mention Halloween to our girls. We haven’t done so in previous years because they’ve been too young to understand and get involved in with Halloween activities. We’ll make some decorations together to hang up around the house. I have some orange tissue paper I’m sure I can put to good use! We can make paper chains with spiders drawn on and add some cotton wool to make it look like cobwebs! We’ll dress up as cats, clowns or pumpkins and make pictures to put on the fridge, walls and doors. I’ve seen… [Read More]