Princess Positives: How to Make More of a Princess Obsession

It’s hard to escape the world of princesses when you have a little girl. They’re everywhere, and once she’s obsessed, there’s no much you can do to turn her away. You might not want to, either, but perhaps you would like to show your daughter a world beyond pink princesses. Here’s how you could make her obsession a bit more positive. Encourage a Love of Reading One of the things a love of princesses can do is encourage your daughter to read. While girls tend to be bigger readers than boys, some can still be reluctant to read. Instead of… [Read More]

That Friday Linky

That Friday Linky

It’s Friday again, which means it’s That Friday Linky time again! Please have a quick read of the info below and join in! As always we ask that you link up your favourite post of the week. Please don’t link up your entire blog, just one specific post that you’d like to share with us all. Linky’s are a great way to find new blogs to read, discover new content and they’re also a great way to raise your blogs profile. Myself and my husband, Nigel, who blogs at DIY Daddy are your hosts. If you’d like us to retweet your… [Read More]

Brilliant Mum Feature: Week 10

Brilliant Mum Feature

Hello and welcome to the Brilliant Mum Feature. Once a week I will be featuring one mum in a bid to find out more about them and their lives. If you’d like to take part in this series, simply fill in this form. This week our brilliant mum feature is Jade who blogs at Raw Childhood. Jade lives in Manchester with her partner Kevin and their two boys, Leo and Mylo. Jade is 25 and just about to graduate from university. Jade says, “It’s been tough to say the least having two children close in age and not deferring from university… [Read More]

The best gifts and deals for dad this Father’s Day #DadsDayDeals

This Sunday is Father’s Day. If you haven’t already started shopping for your gifts, then you’re in luck! In this post I will be bringing you some of the best gifts and deals that I can find for dads this Father’s Day in my #DadsDayDeals blog post! Let’s look at some voucher codes! When I shop online, the first thing I do after I’ve added all of my items to my shopping basket is do an online search for some voucher codes. I mean, who doesn’t want to nab a bargain! In addition to grabbing a bargain, I’ve noticed that My Voucher… [Read More]

Doodle Collection Notebook Review & Competition

I absolutely love stationary. You won’t believe how many unused notebooks I have sitting around my house! Although they’re currently unused, I know that one day I will get around to filling each and every one of them. You see I keep a kind of diary, but it’s not like one of those diaries in which I write down what I did today. In my diary I like to focus on the positive things that happen. I use one page for the week and write down all of the positive things that happened that week. Nothing negative is allowed! Some… [Read More]

The Bank of Mum and Dad

The average cost of raising one child in the UK is around £230,000. That’s a pretty eye watering figure. Now double it because we have twins, and add another three as my husband also has three children from a previous marriage. That’s a lot of money we need to earn! Raising children is undoubtedly expensive. From babies up to adulthood, the costs you have to figure into the equation range from nappies to school uniforms, educational resources, trips and of course ‘fun money’ for your kids to have a social life, as well as the latest clothes and ‘must have’… [Read More]

Is it ever acceptable to leave a child home alone?

A good few years ago I remember reading a post about a mother who got a criminal record for leaving her six year old child at home alone for 45 minutes. The varying opinions from parents about whether or not it’s acceptable to leave children home alone got me thinking about how I felt about it. The first lady in the article openly admits that she leaves her children home alone. The first time she did so, her daughter was just three months old and she left her asleep in the pram in the garden whilst she popped out to… [Read More]

Be Sensible: Care For Your Senses

Not many of us enjoy the prospect of aging, but it happens to all of us, and short of freezing our bodies there is not a lot we can do about it. One of the most frustrating facts about getting older is the diminishing of our senses. Sitting at home and watching the latest blockbuster movie is great, but if you have been turning up the volume more often recently, you know your hearing may not be as good as it used to be. In this article, we will be considering our eyes and ears. Make sure you always visit… [Read More]

That Friday Linky

That Friday Linky

***Important notice – Nige and I will be unable to comment on the linky this week so we would like to encourage everyone who takes part this week to make a big effort to comment on other people’s links. We’re pretty flexible with this linky. We don’t make people add the badge, we don’t chase people who don’t comment as we appreciate that everyone is busy. One week you may comment, the next you might not have the time, but this week and next it’s the hosts turn not to comment. We promise we’ll be back next week to comment… [Read More]