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Mother’s day can be a hard time for many women. For me it’s pretty bitter sweet. My mum passed away when I was 18 years old. She had ovarian cancer and was just 50 years old when she was taken from us too soon.

As a mum myself, Mother’s Day is a day that I want to enjoy with my children, but I also want to spend it remembering my own mum. For this reason Mother’s Day can be pretty emotional. It’s also a time when I look back at my own pregnancy with both fondness and gratitude that our children are healthy.

I was lucky that my pregnancy was relatively easy, but that’s not the case for everyone.

Did you know…

1 in 4 pregnancies ends in miscarriage
1 in 90 pregnancies in the UK are ectopic
Up to 75% of miscarriages happen in the first trimester
Approximately 1 in 100 women in the UK will recurrent miscarriages
1 in 5 women in the UK who experience miscarriage have anxiety levels similar to those people attending psychiatric outpatient services
A third of women in the UK attending specialist clinics as a result of miscarriage are clinically depressed

It is for the reasons above that I’m currently working with Tommy’s, a charity dedicated to empowering parents during pregnancy to raise awareness that regardless of whether your baby was born sleeping, born too soon or Rainbow Babies we are all mums.

My husband and I had IVF. We made the decision to put two of our embryos back inside me as we wanted the best possible chance to get pregnant. When we found out that both embryos took and that we were pregnant with twins, we were overjoyed!

We never thought about the possibility that our children would be born premature, but looking back, from the very first scan, it was inevitable that they would be. ‘Twin 2’ was small. At the first scan my husband and I were told to prepare ourselves that by the time our second scan came around there may only be one baby.

We were heartbroken, but over the weeks, we continued to see two babies. Months went by and they were both still there, staying strong, kicking and sucking their thumbs!

Throughout the pregnancy we knew that twin 2 was on the small side, but when she stopped growing at 28 weeks, we feared the worst. We managed to hold another few weeks, but by 34 weeks our consultant told us that it was time to meet our children. I was booked in for a planned c-section the following week.

Our twin girls were born six weeks premature weighing just 2lb11 and 4lb3. As such they spent 27 days in hospital, some of which was in intensive care. It was a pretty tough time. R, who was 4lb3, had to be ventilated and she had severe jaundice. M, who was 2lb11 was tiny. She needed oxygen and help to keep warm. I’ve never been through so many emotions as I did following their birth.

Moving onto today and our children are now five years old, and going from strength to strength. I’m reminded every day just how strong, yet precious they are. Without the doctors and nurses I don’t know what would have happened, but I’m very thankful to each and every one of them.

Whatever your story, your experience, your journey we are all mums. Share your story using the hashtag, #WeAreAllMums.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this Emily, it’s so important that we are aware that every Mums story is very different. Eva, Megan and Harry were all premature, with Megan and Harry spending time in ICU and an incredibly difficult few weeks. I witnessed some devastating scenes during our time in there, and yet at the same time so many miracles. Happy Mothers Day to you, and much love to you missing your Mum too. xxx #WeAreAllMums

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