Maintenance Tips for Your Wooden Fencing Through Winter

If there’s one area of the garden that always seems to cause some kind of drama at some point through the winter months, it’s the fencing. For many homeowners, their fencing ends up blown to the other side of the garden, missing a panel or two, or simply losing its colour, which isn’t ideal when the weathers miserable and you don’t have the time to fix it. By following some key maintenance tips, you can ensure your fencing is in good condition, giving it a much better chance of seeing through the winter with no issues.

Neat and Trim

One of the main causes for fencing damage is actually overgrown trees.

It’s not quite an obvious thing to consider, but if you let your trees grow out of control, they will eventually force their branches over, across and often through your fencing panels and result in them breaking and potentially falling down. Trees are very strong when growing to their full potential, and by simply trimming them back to the fence level, you can prevent them from taking over that area and causing any damage. Not only will this help keep your trees under control, but it will also neaten up your fencing area and give your garden a tidier, more organised feel. Similarly, you should also focus on trimming the grass that runs alongside your fencing, as you want to make sure the whole space looks neat and tidy. By cutting back the grass around your fencing, you can keep a clear eye on how the fence bottom is looking, as this can often be an area that can become worn and often start to break.

Cover and Protect

Fencing panels are produced from high quality wood which has been designed to stand the test of time, however, if you don’t care for the material then it will eventually wear down and soften, causing it to break or become damaged. Give your fencing panels a good coating of protective stain to help maintain the material, whilst also enhancing the beauty of the wood. The heavy weather conditions can wear the colour of the wood down and create a dull, lifeless look which will make your garden uninviting, but by adding a light coat of stain to the fencing you can transform the look and maintain its strength and aesthetical appeal. Keeping on top of staining your fencing will really help you with maintenance throughout the year, but the winter time is by far the most beneficial time to protect your fencing due to the cold, harsh weather.

Safe and Secure

The most important maintenance tip for your fencing, especially when the winter is coming, is to check that the fencing is safe and secure. It’s so easy to overlook small areas of damage that may have occurred over the summer months, whether that a slight break in the wood or a loose panel, but if you don’t address these now then you’ll have a much bigger problem further down the line. With heavy winds and persistent rain, your fencing will experience very heavy weather conditions that will wear the material down and really push the structure to its limits. This makes it so important to ensure that your fencing is intact before the winter comes, whether that’s replacing the odd fencing panel, filling in a crack or even attaching it back to the wall or ground safely. Be sure to check every area of your fencing thoroughly before you give it the all clear, as you don’t want to wake up one morning with a huge hole in your fence.

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