What we did this week

To be honest with you, it doesn’t feel like we have done much this week! On Sunday my mother-in-law came over for dinner and the girls played snakes and ladders with her, and did puzzles together. It was lovely to watch them together! The girls played on the trampoline in the garden, as did I!  I went to work Monday, and then again on Tuesday. I also went to spin class straight from work on Tuesday. I’m really enjoying the classes, but I really need to work on my diet.  That’s one of the reasons why this week I’ve tried… [Read More]

Buying a new car

Last weekend my husband, Nigel, bought a new car. He wrote all about it in an emotional blog post called, ‘Goodbye Puf‘! PUF is the name given to Nigel’s old car because that’s simply the last three letters of the registration number. My car is called ‘BOJ’ for the same reason! Our twin girls love that our cars have names and they regularly give them cuddles! It was a pretty sad day to see PUF go. When I first met Nigel he picked me up in PUF and the rest, as they say, is history. He’s been in my life… [Read More]

A morning walk at Cefn Onn Park

Cefn Onn

Cefn Onn country park is situated in North Cardiff, approximately a five minute drive away from our home. It’s a well known local park, but one that I tend to forget exists because it just seems so out of place where it is! It’s hidden away at the end of a long road and accessible via a long path that runs under a motorway bridge. This beautiful woodland park is a real hidden gem! The last time we visited Cefn Onn was when our girls were little. We brought the double pushchair with us and I always remember watching my… [Read More]

RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch: Making Bird Feeders

RSPB Bird Feeders

This year we’re taking part in the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch which takes place 28th-30th January. The Big Garden Birdwatch helps the RSPB to build a picture of garden wildlife across the UK. If you want to take part simply click the link above and register for your FREE pack, full of fascinating facts, tips and advice. You can either chose to download your pack online of request for it to be posted to you. We downloaded our pack and it is fab! You can find out about how to attract birds to your garden and there is a handy 12 month… [Read More]

Are you guilty of leaving your children unattended?

Before I had children, I would often cast my unwanted opinion to those who didn’t want to hear what I had to say. I have to admit, that I’d been rather judgmental, but in my defence at the time of broadcasting my opinion I didn’t have children, so I didn’t know any better. Some would say that the fact that I didn’t have children at the time of expressing my opinion should mean that I give no opinion at all. If only the world worked like that, but it doesn’t and everyone has an opinion whether we like it or not…. [Read More]

What we did this week!

Cefn Onn

This week has been a funny old week! Sunday started out lovely. We went for a fun family walk to a local country park and had such a great time. Our girls loved walking through the forest pointing out funny looking trees, collecting sticks and running around! They even had a splash in the water! We didn’t actually realise until we got back to the car, but our little walk had taken a total of two hours! It’s no wonder the girls said they were tired! After our walk, we spent the rest of the day at home and my… [Read More]

The Joy of Online Shopping

As a busy mum I find it hard to juggle my time between working part time two days a week, working on my blog, caring for our girls and doing everything else in between. That’s why I find online shopping such a big help when it comes to certain activities. Before my children were born, and even in the early days after their birth, my husband and I would always go into our local supermarket to do our food shop. We swore blind that we’d never resort to doing it online, but as our girls grew older and more impatient,… [Read More]

My Bedroom Wishlist 2017

Duvets I love

A new year often brings with it a new beginning. A new chance to make some changes to your life. Whether that be personal changes or changes to your home. For me, I always like to start the new year with a new outlook on life. 2017 is bringing with it a new more active, more healthy, more in tune with my own body ‘me’! This means that I want my home to reflect this as well. A new mattress for my bed would be a great start. Getting a good nights sleep is the key to a good mood… [Read More]

Our 2017 Family Bucket List

Spooky Spiders

I’ve seen a few of these bucket list posts floating around the internet so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and let you know our plans and hopes for 2017 too! 2016 was a pretty good for us. We had lots of lovely days out with friends and family, as well as a few school trips. We visited some new places such as Walnut Tree Farm, Castell Coch, and Greenmeadow Community Farm. We also took part in a few different activities such as a Spooky Spider Crafts at Pughs Garden Centre, and took part in their Butterfly Ball, and we… [Read More]

Simple changes to make your small business more efficient

Are you a small business owner who’s trying to gain more exposure, revenue or customers? It’s a tough business to be in and depending on your specific trade there are certain steps you can take to make your business more effective. Companies such as Merchant Account Solutions offer the lowest card processing fees to all types of businesses – small or big. It’s so important to make the right choice when it comes to merchant account solution providers. It really can make all the difference in the world. You’ll want to make it easy and simple for your clients and customers to… [Read More]