Committing To Giving A Loved One A Send Off With Minimal Funds

It’s never easy to have to come to terms with a loved one such as a parent, passing away. For all the great memories you’ve had with them, spending time together, getting to know their personality and accomplishing things together, it’s only right that they get a good send off. But for many people who experience anguish and are left to pick up the pieces, they don’t know what to do let alone how to react. Committing to making sure you give your loved one a good send off isn’t complicated but more so relies upon you morally being able… [Read More]

Hatchimals Surprise Reveal and Video #HatchimalsSurprise

In 2016 Hatchimals were the ‘must have’ toy for Christmas and SpinMaster are back again this year with their brand new Hatchimals Surprise! Hatchimals Surprise is all about anticipation and surprise! You don’t know who you’ll hatch, but your egg can’t hatch without your love and care! We’re one of a lucky few who have been sent our very own Hatchimals Surprise to hatch and share with you! Hatchimals are magical and interactive creatures that embody the wonder of surprise. The key to releasing their magic is children! It’s through their curiosity, care and nurturing that Hatchimals are brought to… [Read More]

I Completed the Cardiff Half Marathon!

I can’t believe I’m actually writing these words, let alone saying them out loud! On Sunday, October 1st 2017, I completed my first half marathon! When I first started taking running seriously, I never would have imagined that I could ever complete a half marathon. My goal was to just to be able to run 5k without stopping. When I reached my 5k goal, I set a new goal to run 10k without stopping. When I achieved that, and after taking part in a few 10k races, I knew it was time to set a new goal. To run a… [Read More]

Every Moment Counts Challenge

We’re taking part in Families Online #everymomentcounts challenge. We were set a fun challenge to capture our ‘little family moments’ each day for a week, and then write a short blog post explaining why we chose these moments and why they are so special to us. The challenge was for 7 days and ran from the 18th– 24th of September. Each day we were given a theme and then asked to take a photo for that theme. The themes for each day were as follows: Day 1. Together Day 2. Tradition Day 3. Laughter Day 4. 3 Things Day 5. Colourful… [Read More]

Luxury Christening Gift Ideas

Choosing the perfect christening gift can be a challenge, as you want to choose something special and memorable, that hopefully hasn’t been chosen by someone else. There are so many beautiful products available that are designed especially for christening gifts, so it’s always worth having a good look around before making your decision. For those struggling with where to start, here are a selection of luxury gift ideas for the special little person in your life. Jewellery Pieces One gift idea that is becoming more and more popular within the baby world is jewellery. There are some beautiful baby jewellery… [Read More]

Back to School Essentials with

School has been in full force for a number of weeks now and our girls have settled into year one really well. It seems the transition from nursery into reception was the most difficult as there were tears, but as I watched our girls walk into their classroom for the start of year one, there wasn’t a single tear in sight. A sign that they’re growing up! Of course, with the new school term that means the inevitable coughs and colds, as well as scraped knees and bruised elbows! Thankfully are on hand to help. I was asked by… [Read More]

Bush Baby World Sleep Pod with Bush Baby Review

Today is World Dream Day and to celebrate I wanted to share this super cute Sleepy Pod and Bush Baby with you. I can see lots of children adding these to their Christmas wish lists for Santa. There are lots to collect, plus you can even buy a dream tree which lets you hang all of your sleepy pods up for your bush baby to sleep in. The sleepy pod is a little nest where the Bush Babies can snuggle up after a long day of adventures satisfied to know that our dreams are filled with wonder. The Bush Baby we… [Read More]

Keeping children safe online in 2017

The world has changed a lot since I was a child. Back then it was all about MSN messenger and MySpace. Gone are the days of children playing happily outdoors, as it seems more and more children are opting to spend their free time glued to their smart phones, tablets and laptops. The worrying thing for me about this is that it’s claimed that almost a third of parents allow their kids to use the internet freely without any restrictions. Not only that, but the age in which children are accessing the internet is getting younger and younger with children going… [Read More]

Making Chocolate Cake with the VonShef Pink Stand Mixer from DOMU (Review)

Baking is something that I’ve always enjoyed. Whether it’s a cake or perhaps a loaf of bread. There’s something so enjoyable about making something from scratch, plus nothing beats the smell of freshly baked bread in the morning! That’s why, when I was asked by DOMU if I’d like to review one of their stand mixers I jumped at the chance! I chose this pink VonShef Stand Mixer. I was weighing up which colour to go for. It was a toss up between white or pink, but as you can see pink won! This stand mixer is just £74.99 and… [Read More]


Perseverance. That’s not an easy word to spell, and yes, I did google it first to make sure I got it right! This is a pretty spontaneous blog post to be honest with you, and as I sit here typing away, I’m not exactly sure where it’ll lead, but there’s only one way to find out! The date today is the 14th September. I know that’s not actually today’s date as I’ve scheduled this post after I’ve written it, but as I sit and type, that is today’s date. This morning I went for a run. Nothing unusual about that…. [Read More]