Home, Neat Home: Time To Clean Up Your Design

Picture Source There’s nothing more unsettling than a home that looks unwelcoming and shabby. And we’re not talking about “shabby chic” here – we’re talking about shabby. Whether it’s the result of your home getting old or poor design choices you’ve made in the past, it’s time to stop making excuses for your aesthetically displeasing home. If you’re not happy with the way your humble abode looks then you need to make some changes. Everybody should feel comfortable in their own house. More importantly, everybody should be house-proud (to some extent). You don’t need to devote your life to cleaning… [Read More]

Retro Interior Trends that have made a big Comeback

Ring ring, the past is calling, they want their furniture back…literally. Ever heard of the saying ‘Out with the old, in with the new’? Well now we couldn’t be more in with the old! In recent years, older styles have come back to shape the trends of today and we’re loving it! From vintage vibes to shabby chic and retro upholstery, trying to find your picture perfect interior doesn’t have to be a difficult task and it certainly doesn’t have to break the bank! Whether you choose to reupholster, buy brand new furniture, visit a car boot sale or even… [Read More]

Home renovations to add money to your property

As part of my job I visit customers in their homes. What always amazes me is how different homes can be. From the decor to the layout, to special touches and eye-catching features. Unfortunately I don’t own my own home, but when I do, I have some very specific ideas about what I’d like my home to be like. One of the most popular things I see in my customers homes are roof windows. They can quite often be overlooked when thinking about home renovations, but the difference they can make to your home can be spectacular. The brand, roof… [Read More]

Personalised Gift Review from Personally Presented

I absolutely adore personalised gifts. There’s something very meaningful to a gift that’s been personalised. It shows that a lot of thought has gone in it and that means a lot to me. Personally Presented is an online website that sells a range of personalised gifts. Personally Presented say that they believe in gifts worth giving. A gift that is unique and individual as they are. I recently ordered some personalised gifts from Personally Presented and thought I’d share them here with you. First up is this gorgeous travel mug which costs just £16.95. My new job involves me driving to… [Read More]

Coping With The Chaos Of Kids During The Big Move

Is there ever a hectic situation that your kids successfully make things less stressful instead of heaping more on? The search for that rarity continues. It certainly isn’t true of moving home. Moving can be both exciting and scary but all the activity and bustle can get your kids more than a little chaotic. How do you make sure they’re not only adding to the pressure of an already stressful time? Link to Photo Ensure they’re onboard Your child might not act out because they’re overstimulated, but rather because they’re naturally fearful about what’s happening. If you don’t take the… [Read More]

Room Makeovers Made Easy with Pixers!

Transforming a room in your home needn’t be stressful or time consuming. While most people think in terms of painting and wallpapering, others decide to opt for a much easier way of transforming a room. With no mess, no hassle and an end result that you know you’ll be pleased with, wall murals, decals, posters and stickers are the way to go. Pixers sell a range of wall murals, stickers, prints and posters, decals and much more. You can either chose from one of their many designs or you can download and print your own pictures for an extra personal… [Read More]

Bosch Steam Iron Review

The secret to making ironing easy is investing in a good iron. I mean, no-one actually enjoys ironing, but if you can make it easier and quicker for yourself then that’s surely a good thing, right? This Bosch Steam Iron does exactly that. Available online from Euronics for just £69.99, this iron will see you glide through your ironing in no time at all. It comes with a 2 year warranty and Euronics also offer free delivery which is always an added bonus as no-one likes paying for delivery! Now, one thing that makes ironing your clothes particularly frustrating is… [Read More]

Key Décor Mistakes to Avoid in Your Home 

Decorating your home can be a difficult task, especially if you don’t have very much experience within this area. From deciding on the colours, furniture and style, to carrying out your own DIY projects, there are lots of things to consider, and lots of mistakes to avoid! It’s important to be cautious and careful when decorating your home, as you don’t want to end up wasting precious time or money when it could have been easily avoided. Take Size into Considerations One of the biggest mistakes many homeowners make throughout the decorating process is investing in furniture that is either… [Read More]

Fun Ways to Liven up your Kitchen

On average, British people alone spend about three years in the kitchen throughout their lifetime. It’s understandable that people get a little sick of the same thing after knowing that. Whether you own a house or are just renting, there are little things you can do to change the feel and look of any room drastically. So how does this work for a kitchen? Trends vary from year to year and it can be impossible to keep up with, so by going your own way and include minor variances. Here are a few possible ideas.   Image From Flickr Use… [Read More]

Zoggs Water Wing Vest Review

Our twin girls are five years old and for as long as I can remember they have always enjoyed swimming. When they were babies my husband and I didn’t take them swimming very often. Mainly because when my husband worked, I couldn’t take them on my own and we’d usually spend weekends in the park or going for walks. However, as soon as the girls were old enough for me to take them swimming on my own, it’s something that I’ve been dong regularly. I think it’s so important for children to learn how to swim. In my opinion it’s… [Read More]