Key Décor Mistakes to Avoid in Your Home 

Decorating your home can be a difficult task, especially if you don’t have very much experience within this area. From deciding on the colours, furniture and style, to carrying out your own DIY projects, there are lots of things to consider, and lots of mistakes to avoid! It’s important to be cautious and careful when decorating your home, as you don’t want to end up wasting precious time or money when it could have been easily avoided. Take Size into Considerations One of the biggest mistakes many homeowners make throughout the decorating process is investing in furniture that is either… [Read More]

Fun Ways to Liven up your Kitchen

On average, British people alone spend about three years in the kitchen throughout their lifetime. It’s understandable that people get a little sick of the same thing after knowing that. Whether you own a house or are just renting, there are little things you can do to change the feel and look of any room drastically. So how does this work for a kitchen? Trends vary from year to year and it can be impossible to keep up with, so by going your own way and include minor variances. Here are a few possible ideas.   Image From Flickr Use… [Read More]

Zoggs Water Wing Vest Review

Our twin girls are five years old and for as long as I can remember they have always enjoyed swimming. When they were babies my husband and I didn’t take them swimming very often. Mainly because when my husband worked, I couldn’t take them on my own and we’d usually spend weekends in the park or going for walks. However, as soon as the girls were old enough for me to take them swimming on my own, it’s something that I’ve been dong regularly. I think it’s so important for children to learn how to swim. In my opinion it’s… [Read More]

Important Safety Considerations During Your Homes Renovation

When you plan to renovate your own home it’s very easy to get carried away with all of the many different tasks you have to do. Carrying out your own home renovation is such an amazing experience, one which will teach you some valuable lessons and give you a great sense of achievement. There are, however, some really important safety elements you must consider throughout your renovation, as you want to ensure you and your family are safe at all times. Embrace the Hard Hat  Whilst it may not be the most fashionable of pieces, a hard hat is a… [Read More]

The Advantages of Single Plank Engineered Wood Flooring *

Do you ever dream about what your ideal home would be like? Perhaps you’re renting like us, which means you can’t change the decor without your landlords permission, or you simply don’t want to spend money decorating a house that’s not yours. I certainly know that feeling! However, when I think of my ideal home, our forever home, I often wonder about how I’d decorate it. My current home has an awful green carpet in, which thankfully our landlord has agreed to get rid of! I’m pretty excited about the thought of getting some nice new flooring! When it comes… [Read More]

Protecting your home: Most Demanding Wooden Floors in the UK! *

When you live in a house with children, it can be hard to protect your household wares from damage. A spilt drink here or a blob of yoghurt there, can ruin your best carpet and leave your beautiful wooden flooring stained forever. Sadly, I know this from personal experience. Sometimes a spilt drink can be mopped up pretty quickly, but when you’ve got kids they may not always tell you straight away if they’re spilt their drink. This means it could be left to sit on the surface of your lovely wooden floor for a long time, which can then… [Read More]

The ups and downs of renting #RentalInsights

My husband and I have been renting for around 11 years and over those 11 years we’ve experienced our fair share of good and bad landlords. When we first started renting, we did so pretty quickly. We viewed one flat and took it the same day without a moments thought! Thankfully, we had a lovely landlady who was not only friendly and approachable, but also helpful and understanding. If we ever had any problems with our flat such as the one time our cooker blew up, our landlady would have someone out to look at it the same day. That’s… [Read More]

Making It Bigger Or Making A Move?

There comes a time when all families feel like they’re running out of room. Another mouth to feed often means that more space needs to be found. You have several options, but they all involve big changes and big spend. So how are you going to fit everybody in? Making It Bigger Making your home bigger in size is one way to fit people in on the inside. Of course, that could shrink your garden. This means there is less space to play out there as the kids get older. Extensions are quite common these days, although it is usually… [Read More]

How to Tackle Those Everyday Problems in Your Home

Every day homeowners all over the world have to face a host of everyday problems. It may not be the end of the world if they’re not sorted, but they’re annoying all the same — hence why they’re called problems. They may not be life threatening. They may not be all that important in the grand scheme of things. But they do need sorting out and tending to every day otherwise they’ll just continue to grow and grow. Below are a few of the most general problems homeowners face every day as well as a few ways to tackle them…. [Read More]

Never Bite Off What You Can’t DIY!

Image Source DIY is often seen as a great way to save money when your home needs some work done to it. We have flat-pack furniture and stores designed to help people complete basic building. And, of course; this is usually cheaper than hiring someone to do the work for you. But, it’s easy to make mistakes that can lead to these jobs costing a small fortune. If you bite off more than you can chew; you may find that you have to get the help of a contractor anyway. To help you out, this post will be going through… [Read More]