What is High Blood Pressure?

It is estimated that nearly one billion people worldwide suffer from high blood pressure (also known as hypertension), but many of them won’t even realize it. So what is high blood pressure? Medically speaking, a patient can be diagnosed as having hypertension if their blood pressure reads 140 over 90 or higher over a period of time. Even if just one of those numbers is too high, they could also be diagnosed with hypertension. What are the symptoms? One of the dangerous aspects of hypertension is that there aren’t any symptoms. The only way for a patient to know for… [Read More]

Want to start running? Here are my top tips!

I quite often hear women who run say that they don't feel like they're 'proper runners'. This is something that I used to say myself, along with, 'I don't look like a runner.' What exactly should a runner look like anyway? I mean someone who runs is a runner regardless of their physique, the clothes they wear or how they run. Whether you run twice a week or less and cover a short distance that consists of walking and running, or whether you run three or more times a week and cover a longer distance, either way, you're a runner…. [Read More]

Exercise For The Family: Balancing That Budget

It might seem impossible to some to be able to fit health and fitness into your life without having to invest constantly in it.  The figures would seem to suggest that, too, with the health and fitness industry getting between 40 and 50 billion of our hard-earned dollars each year! But you don’t have to buy into it to stay healthy. If you’re maintaining a strict family budget, you can ensure that a healthy life fits in it. Photo by dbreen Dispel the healthy eating myth There’s a myth around healthy eating. Not that it’s healthy, there’s definite evidence that… [Read More]

The Importance of Safety in the Sun this Summer

I recently read an article online about how a school boy returned from a school trip with really bad sunburn, and it really got me thinking about how important it is to stay safe in the sun. As a mum of twin girls who are just five years old, I’m always super careful about how long they spend in the sun. If it’s a hot summers day then I like to either stay at home and get the paddling pool out or go to the beach for the day. If I know that we’re going to be outside in the sun… [Read More]

Exercising With Psoriasis: For Increased Comfort and Relief

Image source: Pexels When you suffer from psoriasis, you might find that some exercises are difficult or even painful to perform. It’s tough enough for those without the condition to find the time to exercise, so imagine the lengths you’d go to avoid it if it caused you pain or discomfort. Still, you need to move, and a healthy body means fewer flare-ups and irritation, so let’s get started. Here is a handful of excellent advice on how you can stay active, comfortable, and boost your immune system in one go. Why exercise? We all know the benefits of staying… [Read More]

Healthy Food: Teaching Children That Patience Is Rewarded

Young children can be picky eaters, and the general types of food sold at most supermarkets are loaded with preservatives. These chemicals are designed to make sure the product lasts long enough from creation in the factory, the shipping dock and then in the store for at least a week. Consequently, many normal food items we buy are stuffed full of salts and sugars. This stimulates children and fills them with energy. Junk food is commonplace in most households because it’s cheap, easily accessible and ready-to-eat. The cycle repeats itself over and over. The challenge so many parents face is… [Read More]

Have you lost weight? A compliment or a hurtful comment?

Have you lost weight? Wow, you’ve lost so much weight! You’re doing so well on your diet! Have you seen the twins mum? She’s lost loads of weight! I’m sure one biscuit won’t hurt! (Said in a sarcastic tone) These are just some of the things that people have said to me over the last few weeks, and I’m feeling a tad conflicted by it all. On one hand I wanted people to notice that I’d lost weight. I guess in a way I wanted to hear people telling me how well I’ve done and how much weight I’ve lost,… [Read More]

The Benefits of Using Essential Oils

Essential oils have many different uses, but do you know what they are and what the benefits are of using them? If you answered no to this question, then read on to find out! Essential oils are natural oils which have been obtained by distillation (the action of purifying a liquid by a process of heating and cooling). They have the characteristic odour of the plant or other source from which it’s been extracted from. Now that we have know what essential oils are, let’s talk about what they can be used for and what benefits they can offer us. In… [Read More]

Be Sensible: Care For Your Senses

Not many of us enjoy the prospect of aging, but it happens to all of us, and short of freezing our bodies there is not a lot we can do about it. One of the most frustrating facts about getting older is the diminishing of our senses. Sitting at home and watching the latest blockbuster movie is great, but if you have been turning up the volume more often recently, you know your hearing may not be as good as it used to be. In this article, we will be considering our eyes and ears. Make sure you always visit… [Read More]

Down In The Dumps? Try These Remedies

Credit Millions of people will suffer from depression at some point during their lives. Knowing how to deal with the condition is often difficult. For that reason, I wanted to release a post that offers some tips and advice. In many instances, you need to visit your doctor and explain your illness. They will then prescribe medication that will stabilise your mood. However, there are lots of holistic methods you could try to get back on track. Today, I’m going to mention some of them in the hope of pointing you in the right direction. The advice on this page… [Read More]