We did it! 2k Family Fun Run!

Oh my goodness me. I can’t believe I actually managed to convince my husband to take part in a 2k family fun run with me and our five year old twins, but I did! My husband is the type of person who drives to the shops when he could walk it in five minutes. He always moans when we go to pick our girls up together as I’d rather walk and stop off at the park on the way home. If my husband had it his way, we’d go in the car, pick them up and return home straight away!… [Read More]

For the love of running

In 2016 I started running. I’d had various attempts at this over the years, but from around October 2016, I’ve really stuck at it. When the nights drew in and the weather became colder, I hung up my running shoes in favour of some indoor spinning classes, but now that Spring is here, I’ve invested in a new pair of fancy running trainers and I’ve started pounding the pavement once again. In 2016 I completed the 5k Mo Run in November. That was the last time I’d ran in 2016. After weeks of spin classes, I remembered that my friend… [Read More]

Diet vs. Exercise: Which Is More Important For Weight Loss?

You have two things that you want to prioritise. Achieving your weight loss goals. Living every other aspect of your life. In a perfect world, these wouldn’t rub up against one another. Sure, there are women who manage to combine their health and fitness concerns alongside living a functional adult life – and those women are Heroes, who deserve every medal the world can throw at them. For the rest of us, life doesn’t quite tend to balance in the same way. Losing Weight Takes Time Nothing good happens quickly. That’s not in the sense of “slow and steady weight… [Read More]

I completed my first ever 10k! St Davids Day Run 2017!

I remember writing a post back in 2016 after completing the 5k mo run. Before that 5k, I’d taken part in a few 5k’s before, but I’d never taken them seriously. I’d usually walk a bit, then run a bit, then walk a bit, but I knew that I wanted to up my running! That’s why I took part in the 5k mo run. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed it. As such, when one of my friends suggested that I join her in completing the St Davids Day 10k run, I happily signed up whilst thinking… [Read More]

New Year Fitness Regimes

Fitness Gear

January has been and gone. We’re one month into 2017 already and it’s gotten me thinking about how many people have already fallen off of their ‘new year fitness regime’ wagon. I bet it’s quite a few, but there’s no need to be disheartened! You still have plenty of time to get back to it and get yourself into a routine. All isn’t lost! You just need to dig deep and find some motivation and time to really dedicate yourself to the cause! As a busy mum, finding the time to work out can be a challenge in itself. I… [Read More]

I survived boot camp!

This week I won a months free membership to a local boot camp. I’ve never been to a boot camp before now, but having had a personal trainer for a while and having witnessed circuits in the gym I had a pretty good idea about what to expect. I already do spin class twice a week, so I know that my cardio fitness is pretty good, but I’d really like to improve my overall strength, as well as my core strength. I’d also love to tone up and lose the ‘Mummy tummy’. I’m not sure I can still call it… [Read More]

5 Reasons Why I love Spin Class

Spin class face

I remember the first time I ever stepped foot into spin class. I was with one of my step-daughters and we’d both decided to brave spin class. We kind of knew what was entailed, but in hindsight we really didn’t! Our first class was pretty tough! Our legs ached, we were worn out and half way through the 45 minute class I thought I was going to pass out! However, we powered through and eventually we made it out alive! I went to a few more spin classes, but when my step-daughter started uni, I lost my motivation. Somehow going… [Read More]

A workout a day! Update #2

I’m still too scared to look at the scales. Mainly because last week wasn’t great in terms of food. The weekend before last saw me eating birthday cake, too much chocolate and generally just too much rubbish! However from Tuesday onwards all has gone well on the healthy eating front, so I’m hoping this will continue! Now for the honest part. I haven’t done a workout a day. Sorry to disappoint! I did go for a long two hour walk on Sunday with my husband and our girls so that was really nice, even if it did wear me out!… [Read More]

A workout a day update number 1

Spin class

Last week I shared a post with you called, A workout a day. Sounds pretty ambitious right? In that post I wrote about how I wanted to make this year a healthier and more active year for me and my family. As such I set out some goals which outlined how I was going to achieve this and that meant doing one workout a day. I’m now one week in, so how has it been so far? Have I managed to achieve this? Yes! I’m super pleased to say that I have achieved my goal and I have completed one… [Read More]