Cocobubble Review: Making bath time fun for kids!

A few weeks ago I was relaxing in the bath at home when our twin girls came wandering into the bathroom and enquired what the brightly coloured, round thing in my hand was. It was a bath bomb. They were intrigued and watched with such intensity as it plopped into the bath water and started fizzing whilst turning the bath water a magnificent shade of pink. They giggled and looked on in awe before asking me if they could have a bath bomb when they next have a bath. Although that was my last bath bomb, I did wonder about… [Read More]

Our Christmas Day

I know! I know! Another blog post written by another Mummy blogger all about her Christmas Day, but I don’t care! In sharing our day on my blog, my children can read it back in years to come! Christmas Eve was actually pretty funny. Our girls woke at 5.45am. That’s not the funny part by the way! Had it not been for the fact that the elves had left the girls a Christmas present each, a new pair of pjs, and I wanted to see them open them, I would definitely have tried for a lie in today! Anyway, 5.45… [Read More]

How Christmas has changed since I was a kid


Looking at the Christmases from when I was a child and comparing them to the Christmases that my children are experiencing, I’m amazed at how much has changed. When I was little I remember my parents taking my sister and I to Santa’s grotto. This would usually involve standing in a pretty long queue with lots of other parents and their children. Children would take it in turns to go in and see Santa with their mums and dads. They’d usually be given a present by Santa himself or by one of his elves, and this would be done in… [Read More]

Happy Christmas!


There will be no ‘That Friday Linky’ this weekend! Nigel and I would just like to say a big and heartfelt thank you to everyone who reads our blogs, to everyone we’ve worked with over the past year and to all of the bloggers who comment and interact with us, and take part in our linky. We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! That Friday Linky will start again next Friday, 30/12/16.

The Pressure of Fulfilling your Kids Christmas List

Posting their letters to Santa

Oh my goodness me! I never thought I’d be one of those parents that would want to buy their child everything on their Christmas lists, but I am! There I’ve said it! I buy my kids everything on their Christmas lists! Before you cast your judgment on me, as it does sound pretty insane, have you considered the size of my twin girls Christmas lists? There, maybe now it doesn’t seem so insane if perhaps they list just ten things each? This is usually how their lists start, so buying them everything on it, is pretty simple.  However what happens… [Read More]

Christmas Dinner for all the Family

Christmas Cake

Ooo I love Christmas! Putting up the decorations, buying presents and wrapping them, then trying to find as many empty cupboards and drawers as possible to hide everything in! I love the planning, the family time and the excitement! I just love it! I love the food, although my waistline doesn’t love it anywhere near as much I do, but they do say it’s the season to be jolly after all! I also love cooking Christmas dinner! I think the thought of cooking Christmas dinner is something that a lot of people find daunting, and I guess if you’re cooking for… [Read More]

Lapland Mailroom Letter Review

Lapland Mailroom

Eek! Christmas is 5 days away! How exciting! I know I for one can’t wait! I was recently asked to review a letter from Lapland Mailroom for each of our twin girls. Lapland Mailroom has a variety of magical, personalised letters from Santa. Each letter is individually addressed to your child. When two letters dropped onto the mat in our porch, and the girls spotted their names on them, they were super excited! Each letter is beautifully designed and presented. Ordering a letter online is really easy. Simply visit the website and chose which letter package you’d like. Packages start from… [Read More]

An Elf for Christmas: Week Two

So I finished last weeks update on Saturday when our Elves turned the magic beans that the girls had buried into candy canes. Unfortunately on that very same Saturday, the girls weren’t very well behaved. Therefore when they awoke Sunday morning they were greeted with the following site. Both of the elves had cards from Santa which read: “Oh no. Santa knows you have been naughty. He isn’t very pleased. Try being EXTRA helpful today.” I must admit I have mixed feelings about doing this, but I just couldn’t justify leaving out what I had originally planned to leave out… [Read More]