Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Life is so delicate. Can I wrap you up in cotton wool?

I guess I’ve always know just how precious life is. Having lost my mum to ovarian cancer in 2005, I’ve spent my adult life without a mum, and now that I’m a mum, I really appreciate everything my own mum did for me. It’s just so sad that she’s not here for me to tell her that. 

It’s not just the loss of my mum though that’s made me come to realise how delicate life is. When our twins were born prematurely weighing a tiny 2lb11 and 4lb3 I’d watch their every breath, their chests rise and fall, whilst hearing the sound of the machines that surrounded them, helping them to breath and regulate their own body temperatures. 

More recently, M, was in hospital with a severe infection. Tests for meningitis and brain infections were carried out. She looked so helpless and when I saw a glimmer of hope, a slight boost of energy in her, she’d soon fall back to sleep again, making me fear the worst. Thankfully she’s completely recovered and is back to her old self, but it was really scary to see how just quickly she deteriorated. 

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

How will your children remember their childhood?

Childhood is a funny thing isn't it. I mean you have no responsibilities, you don't have to worry about paying bills or what to cook for tea, plus you've got your mum and dad to do pretty much everything for you.

I often wonder what it'd be like to be a child growing up in today's world as I believe it's so very different to the world that I grew up in.

My memories of childhood mainly consist of playing in the garden with my sister, going out with my friends to the park or their houses and asking my parents for money to buy an ice lolly from the shop!

Of course we had technology, but I don't think our generation or our parents for that matter were very caught up in it all.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Historic Places of Interest in and around Cardiff that are Great for Kids!

St Fagans National History Museum

St Fagans National History Museum, also known as the Welsh Folk Museum, is located in the village of St Fagans. It’s an open air museum that chronicles the historical lifestyle, culture, and architecture of the Welsh people (Wikipedia).

Best of all St Fagans is free! They’re open daily from 10am-5pm. The site is currently undergoing redevelopment, but the open-air museum and historic buildings remain open (apart from Garreg Fawr, Llwyn-yr-eos). For more information about the redevelopment click here. The main points of focus are to create a striking entrance to welcome visitors. They also plan to create activity and event spaces, an auditorium and better facilities for schools, as well as a dedicate research space where you can study the collections on site. Plus a café with views across the site and access to a new play area.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

My Sunday Photo

Last weekend the girls and I spotted a field mouse in the garden enjoying a dandelion. If you look closely you can just about see the mouse in the background!

Saturday, 21 May 2016

KidzInMind App Review - Managing children's safety online

Do you worry about what apps your children have access too online? Then KidzInMind is for you! Available to download on iOS and Android, KidzInMind offers parents peace of mind by allowing their children children access to age appropriate and approved apps with no adverts or hidden payments and parental device control tools.

In today's world children are increasingly becoming experts in using tablets and mobile phones to play games, watch videos and chat with their friends. Ensuring that your child is safe whilst using these devices can often be tricky for parents. The KidzInMind app has been developed by parents for parents and offers a guarantee that any app selected through KidzInMind is free from advertising, hidden payments and created for educational purposes.

Think before you flush those wet wipes! Plus your chance to win a £25 Boots Voucher!

We've all been there, especially if have children! You flush one wet wipe down the toilet and think what's the harm? Before you know it you're regularly flushing them down the loo. However, one day you notice that there's a funny smell in your bathroom, perhaps also outside your home. You also notice that your toilet isn't flushing as it should be.

All of those wet wipes that you thought weren't doing any harm, have actually caused a big problem, and one that my husband and I know all about! In the early days of having twin babies, it was really easy to throw the wet wipes into the toilet, flush and forget.

It saved us from having to carry dirty, smelly wet wipes through the house, and it just made life easier. That was until we noticed our toilet wasn't clearing properly when we flushed it and an awful smell was starting to take over our bathroom.

One day I walked up our driveway and caught the awful smell of the drain outside our home. My husband had smelt it too and upon further investigation - I'm glad my husband did this and not me, as I probably would have been sick! - he lifted the cover up off of the drain outside our home. It was full to the brim. The smell was horrific and it certainly wasn't hygienic.

A quick call to the water board later and the problem was soon solved, well after a couple of hours and much embarrassment! It also cost us a pretty penny too.

It's fair to say that we've well and truly learnt our lesson. Wet wipes now go straight into the bin. The only thing that ever goes down the toilet now is toilet paper.

Think before you flush

United Utilities have recently launched a 'Think before you flush' campaign which aims to raise awareness of the problems that flushing wipes - particularly baby wipes - can cause for homeowners and our wastewater system in general.

Did you know that sales of wet-wipes continue to soar, in fact estimates suggest that we spend over £500 million per year on wipes for all sorts of purposes - from cleaning our sinks to caring for our children.

National Bed Wetting Day

The 24th of May is National Bed Wetting Day. As a mum of children under the age of five, it's important to me that I understand the reasons why children wet the bed, but also to find out what we can do to stop bed wetting.

Our twins are four years old and they still wear nappies at night time. I've not thought about potty training them at night yet because when they wake in the mornings their nappies are quite full. It's fairly common knowledge that children usually take longer to be dry at night than in the day. I don't think our girls are ready for this yet, but I know that this next stage in their development isn't long away. For that reason I want to be prepared.

According to quite a few online resources, when your children have significantly drier or completely dry nappies for a few days in a row at night, this is a sign of readiness for no nappies at night time. Of course, it's not quite as simple as just removing their nappy. You should expect to see a few accidents, and that's very normal.

Even after children have become accustomed to the idea of not wearing a nappy at night time, accidents can still happen.

Lloyds Pharmacy have a very useful Bed Wetting Page which contains lots of information about the causes of bed wetting, but also about what we can do to stop it.

Did you know?

Bed wetting is pretty common in children under five and it's nothing to worry about as children naturally grow out of it. However, sometimes it can continue in older children when there's no conscious awareness during sleep that they might need the toilet. It's also handy to know that it's often more common in boys than girls.

One of the most important things to remember if you do have a child that wets the bed is not to make a big deal out of it. Don't get angry or annoyed. Try to be patient and calm. Reassuring phrases such as 'It's ok! Accidents happen!' can also help your child to feel reassured. A great book that talks about 'accidents' is Pip and Posy: The Little Puddle. My girls enjoy listening to this book and I think it's great the way that they handle the accident that Pip has.

Talking to your children about it is also very important. Creating an open, relaxing atmosphere, where your child can talk openly about their feelings is essential. You don't want to alienate them or make them feel stressed about it. If your child starts to become upset, simply change the subject and perhaps broach the subject again another day.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Incontinence Survey

Hartmann Direct are currently running a survey to find out what people think about incontinence. It's a very common problem in society, but one that many people find too embarrassing or uncomfortable to talk about.

You can click here to complete the survey and I'll share the results with you once the data has been collected.

Until then, read on for more information about incontinence.

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Thursday, 19 May 2016

Getting a New Family Car – How to Spread the Cost

Getting a car is a big financial decision, and even more of a big decision when you have a family to think about. This post takes a look at the options you have for spreading the cost of a obtaining a car for you and your family. 

Buy Used

Buying a used car is a great way to beat depreciation car value over time. In the first three years of ownership, a car can depreciate by up to 60% of its initial value. So it’s very much worth checking out your options for buying a used car.

Choose a reliable model and manufacturer when you’re looking to buy a used car – do your research into what’s best for your money and your needs and you could stand to save a lot of money as opposed to buying new. 

Why Not Buy a New Car?

Whereas buying a new car and selling it on after use can mean the value plummets, buying used means you get the car you want to own for a reduced sum in the first instance. Providing you keep the car well maintained, serviced and in full working order, you can sell it on if you choose and won’t lose out on the initial value you stumped up. 
There are other options such as getting a personal loan for a new car that will work for you if you can keep up with monthly repayments, but with a family and potentially a mortgage, fixed monthly repayments may put a strain on finances.