How To Make Money As A Busy Mum

Life as a busy mother can often be pretty tough. Of course, your kids are the world to you and all the hard work is absolutely worth it, but it isn’t always an easy life. A lot of people think that being a stay at home mum isn’t a ‘real’ job but of course nothing could be further from the truth. And very few things are harder work than raising your children! Still, once your kids get a little older, a lot of stay at home mums start to get a little antsy. Having twins means that they play together… [Read More]

How to Tackle Those Everyday Problems in Your Home

Every day homeowners all over the world have to face a host of everyday problems. It may not be the end of the world if they’re not sorted, but they’re annoying all the same — hence why they’re called problems. They may not be life threatening. They may not be all that important in the grand scheme of things. But they do need sorting out and tending to every day otherwise they’ll just continue to grow and grow. Below are a few of the most general problems homeowners face every day as well as a few ways to tackle them…. [Read More]

Finance: The Other Investments

There are many ways you can invest your money in this day and age. But what about the other ones. Those offshoots that you only hear about rarely in hushed circles. Everyone knows about the stock market, and investing in gold. But what about the other stuff? Well, it is out there, and you can make the most of it if you are careful and do your research. Investing is a sure fire way to improve your finances so long as you are careful and do the research. You can lose your money if you don’t. So if you decide… [Read More]

A night in with Moana

‘Moana, make way, make way!’ Ah, ever since I took our twin girls to see Moana in the cinema, I’ve had the catchy songs stuck in my head and I love it! If you haven’t yet seen Moana, then I must urge you to go and see it! It’s funny, sad, upbeat, colourful and just brilliant! Moana is fearless, brave and knows her own mind, much like our girls, so it’s no surprise that they love Moana as much as they do! We were recently sent some Moana goodies from Jakks Pacific so that we could have our very own #MoanaNightIn…. [Read More]

Movie of your life tag

Earlier this month I was tagged by Lianne from Mrs Mummy Harris in the ‘Movie of your life’ tag. As an avid movie fan I was keen to take part! So here goes… 1. Who would play you in the movie and why? I’d love for someone like Jennifer Aniston to play me in the movie. Originally I thought about Angelina Jolie, as I really admire her as well as her work ethic and outlook on life, but in reality, I think Jennifer would be a much better match as she comes across more of a free spirit and as… [Read More]

’10 Things Girls Need Most’ Book Review

As a mum of girls I try to do everything in my power to ensure that I steer them in the right direction in life. They’re only five years old, but already they’re confident, clever and knowledgable. By empowering them to make their own decisions, regardless of how small they may be, we can give our girls the confidence to achieve anything they want. I was recently sent a book called, ’10 Things Girls Need Most to grow up strong and free’ by Steve Biddulph. The main idea behind the book is to combat the ever increasing number of girls… [Read More]

That Friday Linky

That Friday Linky

It’s Friday again, which means it’s That Friday Linky time again! Please have a quick read of the info below and join in! As always we ask that you link up your favourite post of the week. Please don’t link up your entire blog, just one specific post that you’d like to share with us all. Linky’s are a great way to find new blogs to read, discover new content and they’re also a great way to raise your blogs profile. Myself and my husband, Nigel, who blogs at DIY Daddy are your hosts. If you’d like us to retweet your… [Read More]

Brilliant Mum Feature: Week 2

Brilliant Mum Feature

Hello and welcome to the Brilliant Mum Feature. Once a week I will be featuring one mum in a bid to find out more about them and their lives. If you’d like to take part in this series, simply fill in this form. Our brilliant Mum this week is Sarah who blogs at Champagne and Petals. Sarah is a 33 year old Mummy of 2. She’s been married to her husband for almost 7 years. Sarah works part time and blogs because she loves it. Sarah enjoys going to the gym … not as often as she should and she loves to see… [Read More]

What kind of parent are you?

Children helping to make food

There are three types of parents in my opinion. Those who want to control their children. Those who want to be equal with their children. Those who want to be best buddies with their children. I strive to be a parent who is equal to their children. By this I mean, giving my children the power to make their own decisions. To treat them as an individual, not as someone who is lesser than me, or someone who is ‘under my control’. Parents who want to control their children will quite often be heard telling their children what they can… [Read More]