Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Sewing Project: Christmas Elf Dolls

I know, I know! I said the ‘C’ word in July, but I just couldn’t resist! There’s been a lot of talk about Christmas in July in the blogging world and I just couldn’t resist making an early start! 

I decided to make our twin girls a Christmas Elf each!

Unlike some of the other dolls I’ve made, I decided against using a coloured fabric for their body, instead I opted for a skin coloured fabric. This way the dolls when the dolls aren’t dressed they’re naked! 

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Learning to swim in Majorca

One of the best things that came out of our recent family holiday to Majorca was that our four year old twin girls learnt to swim. 

My husband and I have taken the girls swimming previously in our local leisure centre, and I think it’s fair to say that they’re proper water babies! They love it! 

It hasn’t always been that way though! When they were babies, baths weren’t their favourite thing in the world! Now though, they’d happily sit in the bath until the water is cold!

Back to our holiday and our first day was spent by the swimming pool. We blew up their armbands and as we entered the water I made sure I had a firm grip on them. 

Monday, 25 July 2016

Review: Marineland Majorca

During our recent family holiday to Majorca, which you can read all about here, my husband and I decided that we’d like to take our children on an excursion. We opted for Marineland because we thought it looked like a great day out. Plus they have the only live dolphin show in Majorca so we were pretty keen to see the show!

We arranged the excursion via Thomson so we were picked up on a coach. The journey from our hotel took around an hour. We arrived at 10am and went straight in without having to queue as we already had our tickets. However, there wasn’t much of a queue anyway. 

Upon entering Marineland there was a lady waiting with a parrot for a photo opportunity. My husband quickly swapped places with me as he didn’t want the parrot on his arm! We later bought the photo as a souvenir of our day for 10 Euros.

The first thing we saw when we walked in were the flamingos. There were a few parrots in with them as well. On the other side of this were the sea lions. They were swimming around their enclosure quite happily! 

We decided to find out where the dolphin show area was before we did anything else as we wanted to get seats! On the way there we found a small eating area which had a children’s splash pool in along with a variety of slides. Luckily we knew this was there before setting off so we brought the girls swimsuits with us, although we told the girls they could have a play a bit later on.

After we’d found the dolphin show area we wandered around the tropical house and saw a whole host of different animals. From brightly coloured blue, red and green frogs, to iguanas, monkeys, sharks, snakes and lots of different types of fish.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

My Sunday Photo

The first day of nursery (September 2015) and the last day of nursery (July 2016).

Friday, 22 July 2016

Teaching children about money

Teaching children money management can be pretty confusing. I wrote a post a little while ago all about teaching children about money. I came up with a game involving Lego and our girls absolutely loved it!

It was a pretty simple idea and one that we've gone back to on a number of different occasions as our four year old twins had lots of fun playing along. I think it helped to give them a better understanding of how we earn money and pay for things in shops using our bank cards. It was also pretty fun for me as well as I gave them 'jobs' so that they could earn more money!

I also explained to them that it's not just about earning money and spending it. It's also about saving money too. Saving for children is pretty important. My husband and I put money away each month for our children. It's not a fortune, but we hope that one day it'll help towards education fees, a new car, house or perhaps just the holiday of a lifetime!

I also explained to them that it's not just about earning money and spending it. It's also about saving money too. Whether it be saving into a junior isa or having an other type of savings plan, saving for children is pretty important.  My husband and I put money away each month for our children. It's not a fortune, but we hope that one day it'll help towards education fees, a new car, house or perhaps just the holiday of a lifetime!

As mentioned above our girls are four years old so explaining the concept of money to them, can be pretty confusing for them at times. That's why I think the idea of the Lego game worked well.

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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Review: Family Life Coma Gran, Majorca

Every year we go on one family holiday abroad. We tend to book an all-inclusive package holiday with Thomson as we’ve been on holiday with them a few times previously, and have always had a good experience.

This year was no exception. We booked our family holiday to Majorca for seven days and after browsing the Thomson website in search of the ‘perfect family friendly hotel’ I found the Family Life Coma Gran.

Located in Sa Coma, which sits on Majorca’s east coast, the Coma Gran is just a stone’s throw away from the beach. It’s also situated on the town’s main drag so you’re surrounded by numerous restaurants and shops.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Craft Club Box Review: Watermelon Purse

I love crafts and sewing! Back in April of this year I reviewed my first ever Craft Club Box and made a super cute triangle pouch. Since April I've taken on and completed a lot of my own personal sewing projects, from cuddly toys to mermaid tail blankets more!

This months Craft Club Box was a super cute watermelon purse! As always, you don't just get the items you need to make the craft, you also get some extras to feed your fabric and craft stash with! Something us sewing enthusiasts love to do!

In this months box I found: 

The Kit Contains:
* Plain 100% Cotton Fabric Green roughly 25x25cm
* Plain 100% Cotton Fabric Ivory roughly 25x25cm
* Plain 100% Cotton Fabric Pink roughly 20x20cm
* Polka Dot Lining Fabric roughly 30x35cm
* Medium weight interfacing roughly 25x75cm
* 15cm Zip
* Melon Charm
The Bundle Contains:
* Popsicle melon cotton fabric roughly 50x50cm
* Watermelon elastic x 1m
* Watermelon ribbon 2cm wide x 1m
* Watermelon Buttons about 5
* Melon patch x 1
* Vilien Quiltex Iron On Wadding roughly 25x30cm
* Embroidery thread in watermelon
* Wool blend felt 12x12cm
* Ric rac in watermelon x 1m

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Martina The Little Turtle Review and Competition

Does your child love animals? Do they crave to have a pet of their own, but you’re just not sure they’re ready for it? Then Club Petz may be for you!

Martina The Little Turtle is part of the Club Petz range by IMC. We were recently sent one to review and the good news is that we also have one to give away to you, our readers!

Martina The Little Turtle is super cute and cuddly. She’s the shy one of the Club Petz group, so it’s important to talk to her gently or she’ll get scared and start making strange noises! 

If you call her name, she’ll start to walk towards you. This is just one of the modes of play offered by Martina. She comes with 3 AA batteries which is always great as I hate having to hunt around the house for spare batteries!

Monday, 18 July 2016

Our family holiday in Majorca. Part Two!

Following on from my last post about our family holiday in Majorca, this is part two!

Day Four

After a busy day yesterday at Marineland, we decided to have a lazy day by the pool today. One of the great things about being on holiday is that you don't need to get up early or rush to have breakfast. It's just there waiting for you when you're ready!

I always love that I can have a bit of a lie in on holiday, because the girls end up going to bed later than usual which means they usually wake up later, so during our holiday I'd been enjoying my 7.30/8am wake up times! I knew I was going to miss those when we returned home!

Breakfast for me today was sausages, beans, hash brown, bacon and toast! M had coco pops with some jam on toast. R wolfed down a couple of croissants and my husband indulged in eggy bread!

Thankfully, the one person who had woken up pretty early that day was my husband. This meant that whilst the girls and I were peacefully snoring in the land of nod, my husband had already been down to the poolside with our towels to reserve us some front row pool-side sun loungers!

I smothered the girls in sun cream, blew up their arm bands, and braved the cold water of the swimming pool!

The girls did go in the splash pool on the first day of our holiday, but they much preferred swimming in the larger pool. Maybe because it was warmer and they could actually swim in it?

Their confidence in the water improved so much during this holiday. Usually my husband and I have to hold the girls in the water at all times, but this holiday turned out to be pretty memorable because our girls learnt to swim!