4 Effortless Flower Arrangements for Every Home

One of the simplest ways to lift up your spirit is to add fragrance and beauty to your sweet abode. Flowers have a strong power to brighten one’s day and transform a boring space into a glamorous one. Whether you are to decorate your home with fresh flowers for a special occasion or just for everyday look, you have to put all effort in it. Fresh flowers are always a great addition to the elegance of your home. It only takes a little creativity for natural beauty to be visible in any parts of your residence. All you have to… [Read More]

Retro Food Stand Mixer Review from Savisto (Video)

Retro Food Stand Mixer Review from Savisto

As a keen cook, I own many different types of kitchen gadgets. From a bread maker to a slow cooker and more. Sadly my current food stand mixer is on it’s way out, although it has served me well over the past few years! Thankfully, I was recently sent a brand new Food Stand Mixer from Savisto. The Savisto 1260W Retro Food Stand Mixer costs £95.99 and looks pretty snazzy! Available in black or red, this compact and lightweight machine is great for dealing with all sorts of baking tasks. It comes with a 5.5l stainless bowl with a handy… [Read More]

Winter Essentials – a Smart Coat


It is hard to believe that we are already entering the autumn season. This year has gone by fast, and it is already time to start preparing for the winter months. This month I will be out shopping, and looking online for winter coats for the whole family, including my husband. He has a great jacket that he loves and has worn for a couple of years, but even he agrees it is time for something new. As I have said before, his style is casual, but he likes to stay on trend, so I have been visiting menswear sites… [Read More]

The trouble with twins 

Twins cuddling

Having twins is pretty cool. As a mum it’s actually quite reassuring. I mean knowing that they have an instant best friend for life is something quite unique. When they first started nursery they had one another. They didn’t not know anyone as they had each other. They’ve recently started school and they’re in the same class which offers me great piece of mind. I have a pretty good understanding of the twin bond myself. You see I’m also a twin. My sister and I are pretty close. Even though we don’t live close to one another, we talk on… [Read More]

Great Baking Set Review

Great Baking Set

As part of my Real Baking series of reviews, today I’m bringing you a review of this super cool ‘Great Baking Set’. Click here to read my first post in this series which features a cake pops kit. The Great Baking Set is aimed at children and 6 years and over. It includes 25+pieces. These are: 16 cupcake cases 4 x piping bags 3 x measuring spoons 1 x large bowl 1 x small bowl 1 x suction cup 1 x egg cracker 1 x silicon baking tray 1 x icing nozzle I really like the different colours of the… [Read More]

Bo Baby Blanket Review by Kiki Moon

Kiki Moon Blanket

Today I want to introduce you to Kiki Moon. Kiki Moon is an online store that sells a range of beautiful baby blankets. Keelin, founder and chief product designer at Kiki Moon is a mum to two children. She started Kiki Moon almost four years ago in a bid to find the perfect blanket to wrap her baby in. Keelin says that she loves strong colours and bold beautiful patterns. This is something that definitely comes across in her range of beautiful blankets. Keelin’s vision was that the blankets had to be soft and safe next to baby’s skin. She… [Read More]

Binky Linky


****NO BUSINESSES**** Please link up a blog post, not your home page Please only link up one post – additional links will be deleted This linky is your chance to link up your favourite post of the week. It’s a great way to find new blogs to read and to raise your blogs profile. I’m your host! …and your co-host is… Nige from DIY Daddy The rules are simple… 1. Link up your best post of the week below 2. Visit other peoples posts and leave a blog comment on at least 3 other blogs 3. Share this linky via… [Read More]

Giant Piano Mat Review

Giant Piano Mat

Like most children, my four year old twins love music. Ever since they were babies, I’ve sung songs to them. I’ve played various musical instruments to them such as shakers, tambourines and drums. They even have a mini piano which was a bargain buy that I’m very proud of! We have a dedicated drawer in our living room that’s full of musical instruments. Of course, they’ve kind of grown out of some of the instruments, but I keep them just in case! My husband loves his music too so he’s always playing songs on his speaker to the girls. It’s… [Read More]

Personal Training Session Number One!

Skinny me inspiration!

I wasn’t sure whether I should write about this or not. I’ve been having personal training sessions! I’ve written numerous times over the years about how I want to loose weight. I always start out well. For a week, maybe even two, I’ll stay on plan. I’ll exercise regularly and I’ll feel great, but it doesn’t last. I soon find myself slipping back into old ways. I’ve tried meal replacement diets, low carb diets, fasting diets, but nothing seems to work. I’ve signed up to diets that I’ve had to pay for and I’ve invested in way too many gym… [Read More]

Real Baking Cake Pops Kit Review


Baking is something that the whole family enjoy doing. It’s an activity that everyone can get involved in, plus it’s lots of fun! When we were recently sent a cake pops kit along with some other baking goodies we were keen to get started straight away! We were recently sent some fabulous Real Baking goodies from Vivid. As you can see we were sent one chocolate pen set, a great baking set, a cookie kit, a cake pops kit, two bars of Divine chocolate and two chefs hats. This post is a review of the cake pops kit, but stay… [Read More]